Our life coaching sessions will bring you clarity​!

-Individual Life Coaching-  Ever feel like your just stuck and you just don't know what to do next?  You know you need to move forward and do something but you just don't know where to begin.  Or do you sometimes wonder what your purpose in life is?  Or maybe your enduring a spiritual struggle that is overwhelming you. 

* Find clarity

* Discover your life purpose

* Grow Spiritually

* Discover your next step that moves you forward so you can reach your goals.

As your personal life coach, I will help you with all the challenges you face.  I will support and inspire you to move forward with your life to find the proper balance and vision for a healthy, enjoyable, purpose driven life that is fulfilling.  


- Couples Coaching - Is your marriage filled with complexity, nuances, frustration, conflicts and your just ready to give up?  

* Understand yourself and your spouse better.

* Communicate at a deeper level.

* Learn how you respond to conflict.

* Put the spark back in your marriage!


Life Coaching that moves you forward!​​

-Transitional Coaching-​  It's no surprise that life throws curve balls at different times and we are faced with decisions or sudden changes we never expected.  We all face myriad transitions in life.  Parenting ( all stages), relocating to another State far from friends and family.  A job change or divorce.  Iv'e been through these circumstances myself, so I understand how staggering it can be.
* Learn how to get through these times and explore new options and ways to move forward and find clarity.

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Life Coaching you to help you achieve your goals & Dreams

-Hi I am Lisa Seamon-Certified Professional Life Coach.  I specialize in:

-Relationship Coaching - Eliminate conflicts, negativity and hopelessness in your relationships throughout all areas of your life whether their personal, social or professional. 


Your answers lie within you. You are the expert. I'm here to help you unlock those answers and achieve the clarity you need.  

Together we will work through limiting beliefs and hindrances, relationship issues and so much more.  You will discover what's best for you and your family.  And we'll have fun doing it!  Call me soon to schedule your complimentary first coaching session.  

I look forward to meeting you!


Lisa Seamon-CPLC, CPBA, CPMA